Please pray for all those who are praying the Novena of Grace. So many come with significant and heartbreaking burdens, deeply desiring God’s healing, freedom, and peace.

This year our collection will support the formation of young Jesuits in the Oregon Province, with 100% of the money raised above event costs going to this cause. You can donate in a number of ways:

  • Contribute in person during the Novena.
  • Send a check to St. Ignatius Parish, 3400 SE 43rd Ave, Portland OR 97206    (Please write “Novena of Grace” in the memo field.)
  • Make a donation via Parish Pay.
    1. Click “Start Giving.”
    2. Enter the ZIP code 97206.
    3. St. Ignatius Catholic Church–Portland comes up. Click the “Select” button. At this point you can either create an account or “Start Giving” as a one time donation.
    4. Follow the screens to complete your sign up.

A very sincere thank you for your generosity! After the Novena concludes, we will post the amount donated and pray together in thanksgiving.

If you are local to Portland, consider volunteering. We have many different opportunities to serve, from promoting the event and delivering posters, to serving as a Eucharistic minister and cleaning up after the event. Even if you have only one or two hours, we need your help! The contribution of your time is so important to creating this prayerful event for people in need of healing and peace. Please email us at