Pray about what you most deeply desire from God. Maybe it is spiritual or physical healing. Maybe it is freedom from an addiction, a relationship, or a pattern of behavior. Perhaps it is a new adventure or a much closer relationship with God. Take some time to reflect on what you want to bring intentionally to prayer for nine consecutive days. Pray, too, in preparation for the Novena by asking God to dispose your heart to receive God’s abundant mercy and grace.

If you have made the Novena before, and even if you haven’t, invite someone new to attend. If you are not local to Portland, perhaps invite some members of your faith community to pray the Novena with you, wherever you may be. You can gather when possible, listen to the reflections online, and pray with and for one another.

Join us for Mass daily to pray as a community with and for one another. (See the schedule here.) We will hear a different reflection each day, along with prayers written and submitted by those praying the Novena. We’ll feature live music both in the mornings and in the evenings, as well as special prayers to St. Francis.

“Praying the Novena of Grace”
Our Facebook group is designed to keep us connected and growing deeper in unity even when we are “in the world.” We’ll include points for prayer, quotes from speaker reflections, and links to useful resources. If you feel comfortable, you can also post your prayers. The idea is that this online community also prays with and for one another for the duration of the nine days, providing another layer of support during our Novena retreat.

If you cannot attend the Novena in person, you can still pray the Novena from wherever you are. The key is that you simply make the commitment to yourself and to God to bring to prayer consistently for nine days the deepest desires of your heart. Consider praying with us in the following ways:

  • Listen to the reflections online. They will be posted within 24 hours of their delivery.
  • Download the holy card and pray with it each day. The holy card includes a prayer that matches this year’s theme.
  • Send us your prayers of petition and thanksgiving. We will have an entire community praying for one another and we will gladly hold your intentions for your life, your ministry, and the world in our hearts and on our prayer altar – even if you are unable to attend. Email your prayers to (We’ll keep them anonymous unless noted.)

If you have any questions, thoughts, or have other ideas to share, please email us at