About the Novena

The Novena of Grace offers nine days of soul-searching prayers and presentations dedicated to St. Francis Xavier.

March 3 – 11, 2018

What is the Novena of Grace?
The Novena of Grace at St. Ignatius Parish consists of nine consecutive days of Masses with special reflections given by guest presenters around a certain theme. Masses feature a reflection by one of guest presenters, live music, and prayers of petition and thanksgiving through the intercession of St. Francis Xavier. We also offer individual blessings at the end of Mass, as well as the sacraments of reconciliation and the anointing of the sick at various points of the retreat (see event details here).

An unique aspect of the Novena is that participants bring repeatedly to prayer what they most desire for nine consecutive days. This is a grand gesture to God and many pray boldly, asking, for example, for healing from addiction or chronic illness, for peace in their families and the world, for employment and resolution to financial stress, or for healing from spiritual affliction. Many feel they receive God’s healing and guidance, and experience God’s love in a new way.

Jesuit-Catholic tradition, the Novena of Grace was gifted to the world by the fiery and passionate St. Francis Xavier. Through this nine-day journey of community prayer and liturgy, we humbly join with St. Francis in petitioning our loving God for the desires we hold most deeply in our hearts.

What are the graces of the Novena of Grace?
Many of us cannot afford to take time away from our families and work to make retreats. Yet, we deeply hunger for spiritual wisdom and renewal, for intimacy with God amid our hectic schedules, and for companionship with others on a similar journey.

The Novena of Grace offers a unique opportunity to receive the graces of a retreat while still being able to manage our responsibilities “in the world.” In fact, this distinct perspective of having one foot on retreat and one foot “in the world” blesses us in a special way with a heightened experience of God’s heart. By taking a little intentional time for prayer each day, our eyes become wide open to where God is, where God is calling, and how God faithfully loves us in our every day lives.

This retreat in everyday life is free and open to all. Come one, come all.


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