Desperation Finding “The Peace that Passes Understanding”

Jesus well knows his disciples and their many pleas and petitions that they carry with them.  He lets them know that when they pray, their Father already knows what they need before they ask.  So he gives them a way to pray that we know as “The Lord’s Prayer” (Matthew 6: 7-15).

Jessica relates a story she heard on NPR radio; not only heard but listened to over and over again because of its impact on her.  It will have the same impact on you so please listen to her reflection.  You will be like the phone call listener in the story waiting to hear more.

Every petition emanates from a fuller life story.  The Novena of Grace is our listening place for that reassuring, understanding voice that says, “I am here for you.”  Our intercessory prayer for all of you, and for us, is that we experience the surprise of that graceful presence that enters and transforms cries of despair and desolation into hopeful understanding that has the light of new direction.



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