Belly of the Whale: “Letting Go of Our Own Trauma and Drama”

Speaking to the gathered assembly with the eighth grade of St. Ignatius School present, Fr. Paul focused on the figure of Jonah, a runaway from God’s initial call to render critical judgement on the people of Nineveh.  Jonah’s vain attempt to escape his “vocation” and certainly underestimating the perseverance of God landed him in the “belly of the whale.”  Listen to Fr. Paul’s telling of his own experience of this plight when he was about the same age of these eighth graders.

The Novena tries to take us to a new place of God’s calling.  Are we willing to “let go of our own traumas and dramas and become fools for Christ?”  Are we able to walk in a deeper way, choosing graciousness, and possibly becoming what we were baptized to become:  a prophetic people who carry the word of God?

We are into the last trimester of our Novena.  Our prayer is that bonds and linkages among family, friends, and Church deepen with your meditative thoughtfulness that is expressive in loving actions.   Our Responsorial Psalm verse each day echoes in our hearts:  “We Belong to You.”  Your sacrifices on behalf of others become our oblation at the altar of God’s own.

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