God’s Memory: “Whatever you do to the least of my sisters…”

We are midway in our Novena of Grace retreat.  On Barb’s second presentation, she gifted us with a reflection on Matthew 25 about how God on his throne (the place of good decision-making by an all-knowing and loving King) invites the inheritors of the kingdom prepared.  Her rich experience, translated into equally rich and probative words, provides the eternal questions and our human answers.  Every person’s soul carries the divine image, and Barb talks about her own responses to recognized needs at significant times in her life.  She related an incident of her own participation in human disregard and how to this day she is haunted by it.  This she contrasts with a “day of blessing” when responding to a woman who accidentally fell on her face when tripping on a Northwest Portland sidewalk.  Listen to her presentation on what transpired and who this turned out to be!

As you ride the carriage of her theme on “responding,” you will pass a Cherokee story, the wisdom from Fr. Jack Morris’ trials with refugees in Uganda, and a reminder of our Ignatian standard.

Our Offertory or oblation song today is from Ricky Manalo:  “In these days of Lenten journey, we have seen and we have heard the call to sow justice in the lives of those we serve.”  May Christ’s presence with you, help create a response that will be another “day of blessing,” a day that perpetuates deeper belonging among us.


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