Reflection time: “Crying for a Vision”

On this First Sunday of Lent and the fourth day of our Novena, Fr. Paul confronts us with a simple distinction in behavior between Adam and Eve and Jesus when they are both undergoing temptation.  Rather than divulge his answer, I invite you to listen how he frames their different approaches with his own familiarity with indigenous peoples’ rituals.  Fr. Paul has lived with, suffered with and celebrated how members of tribes and clans identified their place in the world.  Whether in a smokehouse or isolated on a mountain, they do something similar to Jesus’ own wilderness struggle for clarity of vision.

How do you find the place of silence to stand before your God and listen to what he desires to fill your hearts with?  Where is this place of sacred meeting?  (Hint:  If you hear your cell phone ringing or see a TV screen, you are not there!)

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