Two Things

From Don Clarke’s reflection on Tuesday, March 10th

There are two things said in the last two days that have stuck with me as I have tried to be faithful to this Novena:

Fr. Sean said on Sunday …. “this is what we say we want: To know that Christ is in our world, in our communities, in our families, and in our lives.”

And Brittany said yesterday … “this is all God wants: To draw closer in relationship, to trust, to be healed. Nothing we can do can keep God’s desire for that away.”

Revisiting the Reflections

Bible 2






Was there a story or phrase from the first days of the Novena that captured your attention or resonated with your own experience? Visit our Reflection page to hear the first seven presentations from Fr. Sean, Brittany, and Don. As you revisit the presenters’ reflections on the Gospel, listen to what emerges in your prayer. How do their words invite you to consider new perspectives on how God is working within you and the world?

“Hear another parable …”

In today’s readings we hear Jesus’ parable of the vineyard tenants and part of the story of Joseph and his brothers.  In her reflection for Day 2 of the Novena, Brittany invited us to consider how we view our own story:

  • Like Joseph, where have we been marveling at God’s dream for us?
  • Like Joseph’s brothers and the tenants of the vineyard, where have we been giving into scarcity or fear?


Enter the story

The 2015 Novena of Grace has begun at St. Ignatius parish! This morning Fr. Sean Michaelson introduced us to the Novena theme of Hearing Our Story Anew.  Listening to the parable of the rich man and Lazarus, we heard an invitation to be attentive to the many ways God seeks to speak to us, challenge us, love us.  As you enter the Novena of Grace this year and seek to be attentive God’s movement in your life, we invite you to pray with the reflection questions below :

  • What words describe your own story?
  • What story do you need to hear from God at this moment in your life?
  • What story do you need God to finish for you? To interrupt? To repair?  To change?

2015 Presenters and Theme

St. Ignatius Parish is excited to announce this year’s Novena presenters and theme. We welcome Sean Michaelson, SJ, assistant for formation for the Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus; Don Clarke, campus minister at Jesuit High School in Portland; and St. Ignatius parishioner Brittany Wilmes.

They will give reflections on this year’s theme: Hearing Our Story Anew: A Novena of Grace from March 5-13. We’re eagerly anticipating the Novena kickoff next week!