Novena Collection Update

We are very pleased to share that we were able to provide generous donations to area recipients this year. After covering all Novena expenses, we have donated $1,035.93 toward Jesuit Formation AND $1,035.93 toward the Advocacy Program of the Oregon Food Bank!

A sincere thanks to all who gave financial contributions to this year’s Novena of Grace at St. Ignatius Parish.


Thank You!

We are filled with gratitude for another successful Novena. Thank you to all of you who prayed with and for us, attended the daily Novena masses, and kept our community in your thoughts. Thanks to those of you who lent your time and talents to this tradition and gave financial contributions.

And a most sincere, grateful thanks to our wonderful presenters: Jeanette Grimaldi, Bishop Carlos Sevilla, SJ, and Jeremy Marks. You truly brought a banquet to our table.

If you haven’t done so yet, please complete the survey to let us know what you thought of this year’s Novena.

Thank you!


Novena Collection

Today marks the last day of the Novena of Grace, and contributions given to this year’s Novena will nourish hungry hearts and hungry people.

Financial offerings to the Novena will be given to Jesuit Formation as well as to the Oregon Food Bank. Donations of canned and dry foods will go to our own St. Vincent de Paul pantry.

Jesuit Formation
Today, throughout the world, young men continue to be called by God and led by grace into lives of service in the Society of Jesus. The formation of a Jesuit does not happen in a moment, but over a course of many years and by virtue of many different experiences. Usually lasting more than a decade, these experiences mirror the journey of St. Ignatius’ own life. They are designed to draw each man more deeply into the presence of the God who calls him, while at the same time preparing each man to serve – with all the unique talents God has given him – the many needs of the contemporary church. Formation is truly the foundation of Jesuit ministry locally and throughout the world.

Oregon Food Bank
Oregon Food Bank takes a holistic approach to ending hunger by bringing our community together to provide food, education and hope to our neighbors in need. We provide emergency food to people who are hungry through a cooperative statewide network of hunger-relief agencies, helping 1 in 5 households fend off hunger. OFB also leads statewide efforts to increase resources for hungry families and to eliminate the root causes of hunger by advocating for fair public policies, strengthening community food systems and providing nutrition and garden education to help people become more self-sufficient and resourceful.

St. Vincent de Paul
The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a worldwide Catholic organization of laypersons, open to all who wish to live their faith by loving and serving their neighbor. Generally on a person-to-person basis, members of the Society help those in need, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, handicap or religion. The Society’s work may encompass any form of aid that alleviates suffering and it strives to discover and redress situations which cause suffering.

Thank you for attending the Novena.

Thank you for the prayers that you have offered for those who have asked us to pray. 

Thank you for asking us to pray for you.

Novena Prayers at St. Andrew Nativity School

The students at St. Andrew Nativity School in Northeast Portland are participating in the Novena of Grace this year, receiving bookmarks to pray along with the St. Ignatius community and submitting petitions to be read during the Novena masses.

Two Nativity eighth-grade girls loved the idea of St. Ignatius Parish reading student petitions so much, they wanted to do the same thing at Nativity School. They came up with a plan and had it approved by their principal. They will ask students and faculty to write petitions in study hall this Monday and Tuesday, and then on Wednesday, March 12, they will lead a prayer service with the petitions during morning assembly.

We love the spirit and energy with which these middle schoolers are bringing the Novena to life this year. As a Nativity teacher said, “It is somehow so simple and so powerful for the students and for me.”

Thanks to St. Andrew Nativity School for sharing in our tradition!

Praying with Vow Crosses

This marks the second year that we’re using Jesuit vow crosses for blessing ministry during the Novena. These crucifixes have profound meaning within the Society of Jesus. Jesuits receive these as they make their first vows and they have all been used as part of a mission to a parish; people were given a blessing by way of the Jesuit’s vow crucifix. In the Oregon Province, these crosses are passed down through the generations; as Jesuits pass away, the crosses are then given to the novices as they make their first vows.
Francis Xavier carried the same kind of vowXavier statue cross with him wherever he went. He used it for teachings and blessings as he traveled throughout the East. The statue of Xavier in the front of the church portrays him, young and fiery, with his vow cross. We choose to use these vow crosses as a prayer of drawing nearer with both St. Francis as well as the communion of all the Jesuits who have held these crosses in their hands. Know that all of them will be praying for you as you come up for an individual blessing with the vow cross.

Novena posters and artwork

Our Novena planning team is excited for Wednesday to come! We’ve been spreading posters around town, and the brochures and prayer cards are being printed as we speak. Please visit our ‘Materials‘ page for digital copies of all our bright Novena artwork. Feel free to share via email with your friends and colleagues. We’re looking forward to seeing you all this week!

2014 Presenters and Theme

St. Ignatius Parish is excited to announce this year’s Novena presenters and theme. We welcome Bishop Carlos Sevilla, SJ, who works closely with migrant workers in Yakima, WA, Jeremy Marks, former Pastoral Associate at St. André Bessette Catholic Church, and St. Ignatius parishioner Jeannette Grimaldi. They will give reflections on this year’s theme: Hearts that Hunger: A Conversation with Our God from March 5-13. We’re eagerly anticipating the Novena kickoff in three weeks!